Quick 50-50-50 Fact Sheet for Media Stories


Utah endurance athlete, James Lawrence, is racing 50 Ironman-distance triathlons in 50 U.S. states in 50 Consecutive Days to raise funds and awareness for childhood obesity. 

A Challenge of this magnitude has never been attempted and its completion means smashing his own World Record for Most Ironman's Completed in A Year. 

Here’s a quick fact sheet about the Challenge and the Iron Cowboy. Feel free to use this information for any stories, or if you’d like additional information about anything, please contact Jordan at jm@ironcowboy.co.  


  • The 50-50-50 Challenge begins in Hawaii on June 6, travels to Alaska on June 7, then across the nation before finishing in James’ home state of Utah on July 25. 

  • James, his family, and his support team will travel by motorhome across the country, racing by day and driving by night, to achieve this goal. 


  • An Ironman-distance triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile a bike ride, and 26.2-mile run. James will complete this every single day for 50 days for a total of 120 miles swam, 5,600 biked, and 1,310 run.


  • The Iron Cowboy is seeking funds to film a documentary on the 50-50-50 Challenge that will not only showcase this athletic achievement, but will bring awareness to the growing U.S. epidemic of childhood obesity. 


  • The public and businesses are invited to run with the Iron Cowboy at a FREE 5K at the end of each day in all 50 states. All funds raised at these evening races will go to support the cause of fighting childhood obesity.


  • James is known as The Iron Cowboy for the cowboy hat he wears during the marathon portion of Ironman races. He’s a husband, father of 5, and an athlete who takes his training and racing seriously and intends to let nothing stop him from completing this goal. 


  • Additionally, James will donate all 5k race donation proceeds to the Jamie Oliver Foundation. 


Get more information, hi-res imagery, or schedule an interview with the Iron Cowboy by contacting jm@ironcowboy.co