Day 21 Splits

Swim: 1:10:49

Bike: 7:14:59

Run: 6:13:23

Total: 14:39:11

Pre-swim weight: 169.8

(sung to the tune of Oh, Susanna!)

I come to Alabama with a really banged-up knee, 
I came from Louisiana, boy I really need some sleep.
It rained all day, it rained all night, the weather was not dry,
The sun so hot I feel like death, Sunny, don't you cry.

James sacrificed some serious sleep today to get back on track in terms of start and end time. Sunny reported that after Day 20, he got worked on for a few minutes, fell asleep, and they woke him up to move him to a more comfortable bed. He thought it was time to start Day 21, was a bit loopy, and they had to convince him it was OK to go back to bed. Only a few hours sleep, then a 7:00 swim start for Day 21.

Swim was 3rd fastest of the 505050, my guess is James was able to draft. Not a current, as the map of the swim indicates a back and forth route.

Check out the bike route below. The same 20 miles back and forth, back and forth...for 7 hours. Same with the run!