Day 18 Splits

Swim: 1:14:53

Bike: 8:13:31

Run: 6:31:17

Total: 15:59:41

Pre-swim weight: 169.2 (168 on Day 1)

Post bike weight: 166

Man down!

If you follow James' Facebook page, you know he took a crash today. Wrist and hip are banged up. We'll have to see how stiff he is when he wakes up. I've been extremely worried about him today, and expressed so in a message to him. His response was thought-provoking at the least.

James was hoping for a much faster swim with the current. No such luck with a headwind a significant spray. I guess I can't complain too much about a 1:14 swim (actually, based on what James is doing, I really can't complain about any workout ever again).

Impressive weight maintenance today, particularly considering the heat. Sunny, James' wife, is doing a great job here.

James' toe is infected, and he has another infection on his tongue, a sort of thrush. He is now on medication for both of those issues. I recommended he use a running sandal for the run. Instead he cut out the top of his run shoe. Close enough.

I try and be as positive as possible on the blog about James' condition. He puts on a good face, and I don't want to talk much about his suffering. And he is suffering. I don't want to focus on the details. If he brings it up on Facebook, I'll comment. Otherwise I'll assume he does not want everyone to know about particular issues.

I am confident after this is all over he'll have no problem sharing all the ugly gross details.

I'll address some other questions posted in the comments section from Day 17.

I get questions about his diet all the time. I am not involved there as Sunny is taking care of that. I know what you know in the Facebook page what he eats each day. I did consult with Sunny before Day 1. My understanding is that it is a low dairy, low gluten, paleo heavy diet. My only input was to recommend protein levels at least 100 grams per day to keep up with the breakdown of muscle, and to let him eat whatever he feels like. He eats real food on the bike and run, virtually no sports bars or gels. Some limited sports drinks.

James uses a Garmin Edge 1000 on the bike, and a Garmin 920xt on the swim and run.

I find the temperatures reported by Garmin run high, by 5-10 degrees. So, his ride yesterday probably only had a high of 100, not 111. That's not so hot...

Day 18 Swim

Day 18 Swim

Day 18 Bike

Day 18 Bike

Day 18 Run

Day 18 Run

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