Day 17 Splits

Swim: 1:21:28

Bike: 7:47:05

Run: 6:09:42

Total: 15:18:15

Total Swim Time to Date: 24:28:21

Total Bike Time to Date: 122:13:27

Total Run Time to Date: 102:47:14

Total IM Time to Date: 249:29:12

Average IM Time to Date: 14:40:32

The numbers above are elapsed time. I'll pull moving time data at a future date.

Another slower total time today, but James has had 7 slower than this, and it's not too far off from his average elapsed time.

This blog is starting to feel like Groundhog Day. I regret I have nothing more to report at this time. Strange that I should find 17 IMs in a row so routine that I lack commentary.

Day 17 Swim

Day 17 Swim

Day 17 Bike

Day 17 Bike

Day 17 Run

Day 17 Run