Day 16 Splits

Swim: 1:22:21

Bike: 6:58:56

Run: 6:58:03

Total: 15:19:20

Happy Father's Day James.

You know its a tough day when your marathon time is the same time as your 112 mile bike time. That run time includes 1.5 hours of non-moving time. Still, this is James' first 15+ hour day since Day 11. That isn't necessarily bad if he's resting longer during the day and his total recovery time in 24 hours is still 7-8 hours.

I should be getting more regular weigh-ins from Sunny. She confirms that his weight pre-swim today was 163.2. The day before the project he was 168. 5 pounds lost in a given day from an IM is typical, but having that be his recovery weight is a bit concerning. I hope to get more regular weights so we can track this daily.

I regret the short bog today. I actually spent some time with James on the phone covering several issues, and much of the day researching his questions. I regret I can't share all the details, but we'll give you as much information as possible.

Day 16 Swim

Day 16 Swim

Day 16 Bike

Day 16 Run

Day 16 Run

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