Day 13 Splits

Swim: 1:19:09

Bike: 6:34:05

Run: 5:27:07

Total: 13:20:21

Dear NOAA,

We respectfully request that you retire "Bill" from your 6-year rotation of names for hurricane and tropical storms. Lives are at risk, because no one is going to flee from hurricane named Bill. Acknowledging that "Bill" needs to be replaced with another "B" name into the rotation, we propose the following alternatives that will convey the true potential danger of mother nature:



Bush (frightens Democrats)

Biden (frightens Republicans)

Bono (maybe not frightening, but it would just be awesome)



Tropical storm Bill forced James inside again today. Although his total time was again under 15 hours, he expressed significant struggles to me. James is one tough son of a gun, but I think the indoor bike is just a brutal, brutal ride. There are certainly advantages indoors , but the net result is a lot more difficult than outdoor.

At this point, in my mind, there is no failure. 13 IMs in 13 days is incredible.

So interesting to see the max power so low on this ride. Previous rides had peaks of 800 watts. The fatigue has forced James to hold back so much, and it's the only positive side from all the fatigue.

I'm not sure if James is back to the Quarq or the Vector, but power is still not accurate. Particularly when you compare the two indoor rides together. Virtually the same time but 25% different in NP.


Day 13 Swim

Day 13 Swim

Day 13 Bike

Day 13 Bike

Day 13 Run

Day 13 Run


Today's blog is brought to you by my 18-year-old daughter who drove hours all the way home from southern Utah so I could work and write during the drive, pictured below. I promise, promise, promise, the photo just caught her blinking.