By David Warden

Day 8 Splits

Swim: 1:37:35

Bike: 9:17:11 (6:21:36 moving time).  I'm not sure why Garmin Connect shows 7:51:52 and TrainingPeaks shows 9:17:11. I'm taking the longer of the two as the official bike split.

Run: Unverified at this time. James' Garmin died at mile 24. I am not concerned about this for the 505050 status, as his distance and time can soon be verified by one of the local ambassadors who ran with him.

Total: Based on his pace at mile 24, I'm guessing a 6:30 marathon, for a total IM time of 17:30

Today's result bring up a couple of significant questions.

First, until this point I can verify that James' data has reported a full IM distance each day. I can't verify that he actually did it, just that the Garmin data shows the correct distances. He could have stayed in the car at 17mph and recorded it as a bike ride for all I know. However, he has had third-party state athlete ambassadors with him each day doing the workouts, and it will be relatively easy to have those third parties verify the distances. I expect the official run distance today will not be an issue and will update this blog once I can verify from a third party who ran with him.

Second, if James does an IM over 17 hours, does that invalidate it? The official IM cutoff is 17 hours, and these are IM distances if not sanctioned events. My position is that this also does not matter. We throw the term "Ironman" around all over as part of this goal, but obviously have to make several exceptions to official IM rules. He swims in a pool half the time. He takes nutrition from unofficial aid stations. He receives outside assistance. He has a crew on course with him. He takes an IV occasionally. He misses the bike cutoff. He goes to a doctor for a blood draw during T1. Any of these events would disqualify him or pull him from the event for medical reasons. Therefore, the 17 hour rule seems the least of the spirit of the law violations.

James is physically suffering pretty bad today. His spirit is incredibly strong, but any support you can provide on his Facebook page would be appreciated.

No power for the bike split, not sure why. The HR is incredibly low. It looks like James has decided (compelled?) on the strategy of breaking the bike up with multiple rests. See below the two very long breaks in the bike ride. One for taking in an IV and the other is a nap he took. This reduces recovery time on the back end, but I'm really liking the idea of only 6 hours of sleep a night with 1 hour of napping during the day.

I had previously only reported the splits as total time from start to finish. Now that James is napping in the middle of the bike occasionally, it will significantly increase his overall IM time. I had though I would just post his moving time, but to be consistent, I am going to post the total time from start to finish for that split. Thus, the 9 hours IM bike today.