By David Warden

Day 7 Splits

Swim: 1:43:45

Bike: 7:38:52

Run: 6:38:50

Total: 16:01:27

This is a good time to address some common questions I've received so far.

I am not traveling with James. I get to blog and stress about him from the comfort of my home. My communication with James is slightly more than what you get on his Facebook feed. I have access to his Garmin Connect account, and just cross my fingers that the data gets uploaded in a timely manner. James is just so busy I understandably can't get a lot out of him. My secondary contact, James' wife, Sunny also can barely make time to contact me. She has all 6 (or is it 7? I lose track) of their children with her as well.

I was not involved much in James' nutrition plan, I wish I could give you more information there. I did sit down with the individual in charge of nutrition and understand it is a low gluten, high protein, high carb, high fat, approximate 10,000 calories per day diet. I am confident it is being documented, and I'll provide that when I receive it.

I've also asked for a weigh-in and weigh-out each day, but that has not been possible so far. James has had to pack very light most days, and a scale is just not in the picture. I have asked Sunny to see if she can get a few seconds out of him in the AM, post bike, post run, and before bed.

The calories burned you see on the screen shots from Garmin or TrainingPeaks are not completely accurate. It is sort of right, but there is a large margin of error.  

As a result, my commentary so far is limited to what I can see from the uploaded data. As I receive more information from his support team, of course I will share!

Thoughts on today:

- As James' friend, I am so proud of him to pull Dayton Howard, a young man with cerebral palsy, on the swim. As his coach, I'm going nuts.

- I talked to James late yesterday after this initial post. I asked him what his biggest concern was. "My crew," he said. "They are exhausted." What a guy.

Some screen shots from Garmin Connect below. Note James run distance: exactly 26.2. I don't think he wanted to run another step. He actually went 3 miles longer on the bike after he stopped the bike activity below.

Day 7 Swim

Day 7 Swim

Day 7 Bike

Day 7 Bike

Day 7 Run

Day 7 Run